Black history isn’t done. It’s about to be made.

Educe online pro-life curriculum

Black History Month has come to an end, but there’s much more that lies ahead. In the pro-life movement, a new wave is coming ashore; one that’s exposing destructive alliances, challenging complicit leadership, and calling the Church to rise up against injustice—to begin to heal the Black community from the devastating effects of abortion.

Rev. Walter B. Hoye II (founder of the Issues4Life and Frederick Douglass Foundations and core member of the National Black Pro-Life Coalition) lends his voice to this excerpt from our upcoming course, Awakening, which covers the 2000s through the present. This 12-minute clip reveals the struggles and strategies of the Black pro-life movement between 2000 and 2009, and shows how courageous leaders, building on the giants before them, paved the way for the spiritual victories that are starting to come to pass. 

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