What Does Pro-Life Victory Look Like in the 21st Century?

Personhood - The Tree of Life

As we move toward the third decade of the 21st century, Christians concerned with defending the right to life face daunting new challenges. To protect fellow humans against current and emerging threats, we must re-examine the effectiveness of our most fundamental strategies – from the halls of our churches to the halls of Congress.

In the groundbreaking new book, Personhood: Tree of Life – The Biblical Path to Pro-Life Victory in the 21st Century, 18 pro-life leaders (including our founder Sarah Quale) come together to inspire a growing conversation in the movement: How to realign ourselves with the biblical principles that first called us to action and restore protections for human life and human dignity, at all stages and in all circumstances.

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The contributing authors are leading voices in their pro-life field of service:

  • Daniel C. Becker, President and Founder of Personhood Alliance; Former President, Georgia Right to Life; Former board member, National Right to Life
  • Nancy Elliott, Chairman, Euthanasia Prevention Coalition USA
  • Kitti Hataway, Development Director, Personhood Florida
  • Rev. Walter B. Hoye II, President and Founder of the Issues4life Foundation, the California Civil Rights Foundation, and the Frederick Douglass Foundation of California; core member of the National Black Pro-Life Coalition
  • Dr. J. Patrick Johnston, D.O., Director, Association of Pro-Life Physicians; President, Personhood Ohio
  • Gualberto Garcia Jones, National Policy Director, Personhood Alliance; Executive Director, International Human Rights Group
  • Bill Kee, Executive Director, Defend Life Nebraska
  • Rebecca Kiessling, Esq., President and Founder, Save the 1; Co-founder, Hope After Rape Conception
  • Christopher Kurka, Executive Director, Alaska Right to Life
  • Dr. Patricia McEwen, President, Life Coalition International; Vice President, Personhood Florida
  • Tim Overlin, Executive Director, Personhood Iowa
  • Darlene Pawlik, New Hampshire Right to Life PAC; Vice President, Save the 1
  • Sarah Quale, President and Founder, SpeakLife
  • Les Riley, President, Personhood Mississippi; Executive Director, Morning Center (Memphis)
  • Jay Rogers, President, Personhood Florida Education
  • Matt Sande, Legislative Director, Pro-Life Wisconsin
  • Brad and Jesi Smith, Personhood Michigan; Founders, Keeping Our Faith; Speakers, Save the 1

Personhood: Tree of Life is widely commended by leaders and public figures of Jewish, Catholic, and Evangelical faiths, including Israeli pro-life leader Tony Sperandeo; One of Us, European Federation for Life and Human Dignity’s Alex van Vuuren; Bishop David Kagan, DD, PA, JCL; LifeSiteNews editor-in-chief John-Henry Westin; Conservative Review’s Steve Deace; renown author George Grant, PhD; Senator Rick Santorum, and many more.

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Click here for the paperback version. Click here for the e-book.

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