Activate Series: #2 – What Are the Fabian Tracts and Essays, and How Have They Transformed America’s Classrooms?

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Our weekly Activate vlog series uses clips from Educe® online courses to illuminate the truth behind the cultural battles of today (and tomorrow) and move Christians from education to action in their communities, churches, and circles of influence. 

At the turn of the 20th century, Fabian and Marxist socialists were pouring into America from Europe. The Fabians in particular began a targeted campaign to bring their evolutionary brand of socialism into higher education. They, like all Progressives who would come after them, understood education to be the ultimate open door; the key to access every aspect of a society—from science, government, and labor to the media, civil rights movements, and even the Church. The Fabians’ manifesto, titled “Fabian Tracts and Essays,” not only served as the blueprint for slowly removing Christianity from the public square, but also became a well-funded, vastly connected effort to radically transform primary, secondary, and higher education throughout the next century.

If we know when, how, and why anti-Christian ideals infiltrated American education, then we can look through a clearer lens at the moral chaos in our classrooms and on our college campuses today. And we can begin to see education as the first line of defense in the larger battle between good and evil. This excerpt from our Rise Up in the Truth curriculum illuminates the very beginning of this eye-opening story.

As you watch this clip, consider:

  • In the early 20th century, Progressivism transformed the goal of education from the creation of a moral, skilled citizen to the making of a worker. How has the goal shifted since then, and what effect has it had on our children?
  • If education is both the way to destruction and the way out of it, how can Christians use it to change hearts and minds? How can we not only educate ourselves, but also use it to break through the rhetoric that so deeply divides America right now?

Get the rest of the story!

If you’d like to dig deeper into where we’ve been, how we got here, and where we’re headed, but aren’t sure if online learning is right for you or your group, we can help! Enroll for FREE in our 10-minute introductory course to see how our Rise Up in the Truth curriculum helps Christians build the historical, philosophical, and biblical foundation that’s necessary to compassionately engage the culture and defend human life, from its earliest biological beginning to its natural end. Visit our FAQ page to learn more and contact us with any questions you have.

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