Activate Series: #9 – How Did Abortion Become “Good” for Black Women?

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Star Parker’s recent testimony about abortion’s devastation in the Black community ignited quite a firestorm at a Nov. 1st congressional hearing for the federal Heartbeat Bill. Similar outrage spread on social media among abortion advocates and feminists of color. A tweet by the group Planned Parenthood Black Community, claiming abortion is safer for Black women than allowing their children to live, fueled the flames on the pro-life side of the fence.  But behind this heated battle is some critical history every pro-life activist needs to know.

The gang epidemic in the 1990s inspired a national conversation on poverty and violence in the Black community and drove the creation of new, in-depth research into these issues. Results across many disciplines showed that fatherlessness, not race, or even poverty, was the single most important contributing factor to violence. Its consequence, single motherhood, was a key driver as well. This revelation directly confronted the work of up-and-coming Black feminist groups, who were in the infant stages of linking abortion with economic justice and racial equality. It also contradicted the rhetoric of Revs. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson, who demanded that systemic racism, not the broken family, was the root of the community’s problems. On the other hand, this national conversation provided an opportunity for the emerging Black pro-life movement to expose abortion’s eugenic roots and call pastors and leaders forward to end the destruction.

This week’s course excerpt shows how this moment in history both created and countered the idea that abortion is “good” for Black women. Today, as a result, abortion advocates are inadvertently exposing the eugenic root system, and the pro-life movement is shifting to more fully recognize the truth about abortion’s devastation in the Black community.

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