Activate Series: #15 – What Does It Mean to Be a Voice for the Voiceless?

Educe online pro-life curriculum

Our weekly #Activate vlog series uses clips from Educe® online courses to illuminate the truth behind the cultural battles of today (and tomorrow) and move Christians from education to action in their communities, churches, and circles of influence.

The intrinsic value of human life is the motivating principle for all works of justice and mercy, especially toward the weak, the powerless, and the oppressed. Why? Because history has repeatedly shown us that they are the first to have their rights stripped away. And because they are our neighbors, who we are commanded to love as ourselves. They are the pre-born, the medically vulnerable, the poor, the orphan, the refugee, the enslaved, the infirm, and the aged—in other words, the voiceless. So what exactly does being a voice for the voiceless mean, and how are we to live this out?

In practical terms, it means that we actively participate in an intentional partnership with God so that His power can work through us in whatever outreach He calls us to. It means we are conduits; servant mediators. It means we are gatekeepers who show the way to the mercy, grace, and love of God. Too often, though, we guard the gate with our own rules. We choose religion over relationship. We set performance expectations, cast judgment, and provide the very proof that the world holds up all the time as the reason not to know God. And perhaps most damaging, we slam the door shut to the only real answer for both the oppressed and the oppressor.

This week’s online course clip reminds us that truth without love can be just as damaging as love without truth. It is our responsibility—our very purpose as Christians—to show the way to Jesus by showing the ways of Jesus. Brothers and sisters, it’s time for us to extend compassion to one another. God can help us do this if we are willing to partner with Him.

This course excerpt is from Session 6: Awakening, the final course in our Foundations online curriculum.

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