Our weekly #Activate vlog series uses clips from Educe® online courses to illuminate the truth behind the cultural battles of today (and tomorrow) and move Christians from education to action in their communities, churches, and circles of influence.

The brokenness in our culture is urgent and chaotic. People are divided, enraged, and hurting. Even the pro-life movement is fracturing and quarreling. We can clearly witness this deterioration in the many ways our society devalues human life, and especially in the way we devalue each other. But the Church’s call to defend human life and human dignity remains. It is more urgent and clear than it’s ever been. So what can we do that we haven’t already done?

To equip ourselves for such a time as this, we need to understand where we’ve been, how we got here, and where we’re headed. To move forward in 2018, we need to go back—back to discover the roots of this current chaos and how they have manifested over time. Then, we can use that knowledge to bring Jesus to the lost and broken, instead of just battling the symptoms of a culture that has rejected Him.

Where do we start?

To educate and prepare Christians for the critical days ahead, our online pro-life curriculum builds the historical, philosophical, and biblical foundation that becomes a vital part of standing for life, whether that’s on the sidewalk, in the halls of Congress, or among families in crisis. We place abortion and all other spiritual battles for life in the context of the post-Christian transformation of America over the last 120 years. This solid foundation helps people develop fresh discernment in our deceptive culture; a knowledgeable, compassionate, and consistent voice; and a biblical perspective of the times we live in.

What’s the first step?

Enroll for FREE in our 10-minute introductory course. This course immerses you in our online courseroom so you can learn more about our pro-life curriculum, browse through our online library, and experience what it’s like to learn with us. Sign up is quick and easy, and you’ll get access to your course right away. Did we mention it’s FREE?

You can also get answers to common questions about individual and group enrollment, cost, technology requirements, age appropriateness, and much more.

Got questions?

Our Learning Experience Team is here to help. Email us at contact@educelife.org and we’ll get back to you right away. May your 2018 be filled with blessings, and may your stand for life bear much fruit.