Activate Series: #21 – How Can a Christian Support Abortion?

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Dr. Willie Parker


Since the early 1900s, the progressive Church has openly twisted and rejected parts of the Gospel in order to advance a particular worldview—one that defies the laws of God and misrepresents the work of the Cross. Evidence of this worldview can be clearly seen in some Christians’ support for, and even promotion of, abortion. But how can this be?

The statistics tell a shocking story. Nearly 100% of mainline Protestant denominations who take an official position on abortion permit it to some degree. Even the Catholic Church’s strong stance against abortion is under attack by Modernists from within. The latest Guttmacher research shows that 54% of post-abortive women self-identify as Christian. The Lifeway Research/CareNet study released in 2015 found that 75% of women received or expected to receive a cold, condemning, or judgmental reaction from the Church as they considered abortion, sentiments that both regular and non-regular churchgoers shared. Clearly, a large part of the Church is failing to lead on such a far-reaching spiritual crisis, even in our very own communities.

And the empty place where truth isn’t spoken becomes an open door for lies to rush in.

Enter the deeply deceived, like “Christian abortionist” Dr. Willie Parker, who claims that, not only are abortion and the Christian faith compatible, but the Christian faith is the compelling factor in providing abortions. Progressive church leadership has been shopping this message around since the 1960s. Recently, Dr. Parker even wrote a book about it. He will promote this argument again on March 1st at a Mississippi State University event, sponsored by the school’s Gender Studies program.

One of the most powerful responses to Dr. Parker’s arguments that we’ve come across is found in Christian apologist Bill Fortenberry’s critique. It really is a must-read for anyone trying to wrap their mind around this. But let’s climb beneath the errant reasoning and logical fallacies that Fortenberry so effectively draws out and look at the root of progressive Christianity’s moral structure. This week’s online course clip exposes exactly what’s beneath this structure and what the goal really is.

This course excerpt is from Session 6: Awakening, which focuses on the 2000s and 2010s. It’s the final course in our Foundations online curriculum.

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