Activate Series: #24 – What Lies Underneath All of This Chaos?

Educe online pro-life curriculum

Our weekly #Activate vlog series uses clips from Educe® online courses to illuminate the truth behind the cultural battles of today (and tomorrow) and move Christians from education to action in their communities, churches, and circles of influence.

Outrage culture is the new normal in America today. No longer do we investigate claims, test our assumptions, listen to opposing viewpoints, or seek an absolute truth. We just react; usually with shock and anger. Our relationships with other humans have become fractured and distant, and violence has become an accepted response to fear. “It’s the media that’s dividing us!” we exclaim. “It’s the politicians! The activists!” But what of our responsibility? What of our words and actions? Unfortunately, many Christians have accepted the false notion that the battles we fight are against flesh and blood, not evil itself (Ephesians 6:12). And we’ve participated in, and at times even driven, the chaos.

As Christians, we are called to set ourselves apart; to uphold a biblical standard—to be in the world, not of the world (John 17:14-15). In order to continue the bold, compassionate mission of Jesus, it’s important for us to understand that this battle will not be won by tangling ourselves up in the reactionary. Instead, we need to grab hold of this truth:

At the very foundation of this battle lies a fundamental clash between worldviews. One affirms that morality comes from God, and one directly contradicts this.

This week’s online course clip exposes three philosophies that permeate the opposing worldview and work to intentionally separate us from God, and thus each other. When we choose to dig deeper to understand this foundation, our perspective begins to change, and we learn to engage our culture in a completely different way. We hope you will join us on this transformative journey.

This course excerpt is from Session 2: Infiltration, which focuses on the 1900s-1920s. It’s part of our Foundations online curriculum.

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