New Series: The Way Forward

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Beginning next week, Educe is publishing a new bi-monthly blog series, The Way Forward, to explore the implications of a post-Roe America through the lens of scripture. What will the political and spiritual battles look like at the state level? How have pro-abortion forces been preparing? What’s happening to our culture’s view on the sanctity of human life, and how can the Christian pro-life movement fight in alignment with the Word of God on this extremely divisive battleground?

To answer these questions, The Way Forward will navigate current and future socio-political landscapes, examine competing worldviews, consider what it means to stand on biblical principles, and take a humbling look at the individual Christian’s role in making abortion both illegal and unthinkable.

Explore the series in full here:

Post 1: The Awakening reveals how the battle for life is quickly changing and how some in the Church are beginning to rise up.

Post 2: Our Call to Act Justly examines the biblical mandate to defend human life in both politics and front-line ministry and challenges us to consider some misalignments.

Post 3: Our Call to Love Mercy reminds us that it was the compassion of the early Christians that radically changed the Pagan culture, despite the unjust laws, and encourages us to move forward in this way once again.

Post 4: Our Call to Walk Humbly helps us see abortion in a larger spiritual context, as one of many attacks on the image of God, and challenges us to see all humans as image-bearers as we partner with God in our pro-life work.

Post 5: Where do we go from here? calls us to battle by understanding the Enemy we’re fighting and by returning the Christian pro-life movement to its biblical foundation.

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