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Frequently Asked Questions

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An online course is an educational lesson that is produced electronically and provided on the Internet, usually through a video sharing service, website, or courseroom environment. An online course can be conveniently accessed anytime, from anywhere with an Internet connection, on a variety of devices.

Most other pro-life courses focus, rightly so, on equipping people to step into a particular area of ministry (like sidewalk advocacy), serve specific populations (like the post-abortive), or develop skills for a specific outcome (like on-campus apologetics). Our courses climb underneath these educational opportunities. We build the historical, philosophical, and biblical foundation that becomes an integral part of standing for life in various areas of ministry and outreach.

No. Our courses are lessons that play like a video, but combine powerful images, music, onscreen text, and narration to create an impactful learning experience. Unlike many other online courses, there’s no “click-through,” meaning the courses run without the need to click a button to advance the screen, although the optional built-in quizzes and discussion activities do require user interaction.

Individual learners can enroll directly from the course pages in our Course Catalog, using our secure checkout process (for groups, see How do I enroll a group?). Once you purchase coursework, you’ll receive a welcome email with a password and a link to our online courseroom. Your purchase also gives you access to the Educe® Knowledge Base—our online library that includes links to the research used to develop the courses; supplemental materials like video clips, audio recordings, and PDF articles; and recommended resources you can use to dig deeper.

Yes! Go to our Course Catalog and enroll in our FREE 10-minute introductory course to see for yourself what our courses are like. You’ll go through the enrollment process, access the course in our online courseroom, and have the opportunity to browse through our online library.

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Our online courses are very affordable. Single courses are $14.95 per enrollment. Our six-course curriculum is $59.95 (a $30 savings!). Enrollments are unique to each individual and cannot be shared. For group enrollments, see How do I enroll a group?

Our courses are appropriate for all Christian denominations, all levels of knowledge and experience, individual learners, and groups of any size, whether the groups plan to meet together or not. The instructional content of most of our courses is written at the 11th-grade level and beyond (but this can vary according to the individual). Our Session 1: Difficult Truth course has been used in homeschools and youth groups with members as young as 7th grade.

The full six-course curriculum includes 10 hours of content. Total course time varies with each course, but ranges from 2-4 hours. You can start and stop anytime, picking up right where you left off. Our courses are divided into separate “digestible” parts, each with its own optional quiz and discussion/reflection activity to help check your understanding. Each course also includes supplemental video and audio clips, links to course research, and recommended resources that you are free to explore in our online library.

Your courses are available in our online courseroom for a set period of time (30 days for a single course and 6 months for the full curriculum). During this time, you can take the course(s) as many times as you’d like and access our online library, which includes links to the research used to develop the courses; supplemental materials like video clips, audio recordings, and PDF articles; and recommended resources you can use to dig deeper.

You only need a computer or mobile device with an Internet connection. Our online courseroom supports Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari browsers. Android-based mobile devices have audio compatibility issues with our courses. Use a laptop or desktop (either PC or Mac) if you do not have a non-Android mobile option, like an iPhone or iPad.

Group enrollments are not processed through our website. Instead, we work directly with you to handle registration, help you set up a workable schedule, and walk you through best practices. As the group leader, you receive a unique password to run the courses during group time. Each group member also receives a unique password to access the course(s) and the online library on their own. Email us at to get started.

Educe® courses are out-of-the-box for any size group. Because you simply show the courses to the group and lead the optional, pre-designed activities already built in, preparation and facilitation are minimal. Our Group Leader’s Guide provides excellent tips, best practices, sample schedules, and step-by-step instructions to help you. Each group participant receives a one-page Learner’s Quick Reference Guide to let them know what to expect. There are no additional workbooks or participant manuals to purchase. To facilitate the courses for larger groups, you’ll need a way to project the courses onto a bigger screen and amplify the audio. Email us at to get started.

That’s fine! Our courses are very flexible. We work directly with you to handle registration, timing, and communication with your group members. Each group member receives a one-page Learner’s Quick Reference Guide to let them know what to expect as they complete the courses on their own. We provide course completion certificates, as well as supervisor reports so you can stay on top of the group’s progress. We can also set up a private, customized area of the courseroom just for your group for a minimal fee. Email us at to get started.

Enrollment for the group leader is $59.95 for the full six-course curriculum. Because each group participant receives a unique, password-protected access to the courseroom, group enrollments are billed per person at $30 each. We offer bulk discounts for groups of over 25, 50, 100, and 500 people. For enrollment in Session 1 only, the group leader and participant each pay $14.95.

Email us at with any questions or concerns you have at any time. Someone from our Learning Experience Team will follow up with you as soon as possible.

Our course catalog and checkout process, powered by Shopify, is fully PCI-DSS compliant. Our courses are hosted in an SSAE16 Type II, CSAE3416-compliant data facility protected by enterprise-level security through our provider, SmarterU. Your name, email address, password, and any other personal information you provide during checkout or as part of your learner profile in the courseroom is safe. We never share or distribute our learners’ personal information with anyone, for any reason, at any time.

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