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Sarah Quale is the president and founder of Educe and the author of the Foundations online pro-life curriculum. She is an award-winning* curriculum and instructional designer and a gifted speaker who is passionate about educating people to stand for life, according to their unique calling. For nearly 20 years, Sarah developed product and sales training for Fortune 500 companies across a broad spectrum of industries. In academia, she created institutional policies, degree programs, and coursework at the Master’s and PhD levels, focusing on business, education, and psychology disciplines. Sarah is a busy and energetic wife, a mother of seven children (three in heaven through miscarriage), a sidewalk prayer supporter, and a redeemed child of God. She is a member of the International Christian Visual Media Association and serves on the national board and executive committee of the Personhood Alliance. Sarah also serves concurrently as the president of Personhood Alliance Education, the 501c3 subsidiary of the Personhood Alliance.
*Awards include the Council for Higher Education Accreditation award for Outstanding Institutional Practice in Student Learning Outcomes, the WCET Outstanding Work Award for Innovative Uses of Educational Technology, and the IMS Global Learning Consortium awards for Best Outcomes-Based Learning Solution and Outstanding Use of Technology in Support of Learning.

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“Our Critical Crossroads: What’s Working, What’s Not, and What’s Ahead” – March 7, 2020, Bringing America Back to Life convention, Cleveland, OH; Click here to watch the presentation

“How to Implement the Six Fundamental Pro-Life Principles in Politics, Culture, and Outreach” – March 9, 2019, Bringing America Back to Life convention, Cleveland, OH; Click here to watch a portion of the presentation

“Why We Do What We Do and Why We Must Do It God’s Way” – March 9, 2018, Bringing America Back to Life convention Youth Workshop, Cleveland, OH

“What Does It Mean to Be Compassionately, Consistently Pro-Life?” – February 28, 2018, guest speaker for the Anoka-Ramsey Community College Students for Life Club, Cambridge, MN

“Why Are You Pro-Life?” – July 19, 2017, Heart for the Next Generation youth Impact Team training, Merrillville, IN

“Practical Pro-Life Philosophy: Ideas, Consequences, and the Principled Way Forward” (co-presentation with Dan Becker, President of Personhood Alliance) March 12, 2017, Bringing America Back to Life convention, Cleveland, OH; Click here to listen to the presentation audio

“Being a Godly Woman In an Ungodly World: Mysticism, Occultism, and Feminism in the New Age” – Sept 17, 2016, Hope Community Church’s Women’s Encounter, Corcoran, MN

“Training Up the Next Generation” – June 3, 2016, Heart for the Next Generation, Dayton, OH

“Truth, Compassion, and Context: Why Learning Is Critical in Engaging the Culture” – March 11, 2016, Bringing America Back to Life convention, Cleveland, OH; Click here to listen to the presentation audio

“What You Know About the Fetal Parts Trade: It’s Just the Tip of the Iceberg” – July 24, 2015, Heart for the Next Generation, Crown Point, IN

“Building a Culture of Life” – October 22, 2014, CornerFringe Women’s Retreat, Minneapolis, MN

“How to Get a Pro-Life Curriculum and Put It Into Action” – July 18, 2014, Heart for the Next Generation – Dayton, OH

“Rise Up in the Truth” classroom series – Sept 2013 – Nov. 2013, weekly at Hope Community Church, Corcoran, MN

“Rise Up in the Truth” classroom series – Sept. 2012 – Jan. 2013, weekly at Hope Community Church, Corcoran, MN

Press releases

October 9, 2017: Multiple Right-to-Life Groups Across the Country Call for Opposition to Pain-Capable Legislation

November 21, 2016: Prominent Pro-Life Leaders Join National Advisory Board

November 4, 2016: Personhood Alliance Welcomes New Organization to Its National Board

Radio interviews

Guest, “Faith Works Live” with host Pastor Mike Demastus – October 10, 2017. Topic: “Is abortion ever necessary?”

Guest, “Faith Works Live” with host Pastor Mike Demastus – June 13, 2017. Topic: “How do we engage the Church for life?”

Sarah is has been a repeat guest on “From the Median” with host Molly Smith since 2015. Click here to listen to one of her interviews.